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Landscape Design - Evergreen Design is your number one choice for Landscape Design. We have developed award winning designs for over 20 years & homes with our landscape design are regularly featured in Landscape & Home magazines & other publications.

At Evergreen, we like to provide our customers with the opportunity to 'see' what their landscape will look like -- before we overturn a single spade of dirt.

Our professional architect not only does accurate technical work, he gives you a vivid, bird's eye view of your home with your new landscape.

Trees & Shrub Plantings - Landscaping is our forte at Evergreen Development Group. We'll work with you and make sure we include everthing you desire to have in your landscape. Maybe you want a pond. Or a waterfall. Perhaps a cozy stone path winding through your beautiful shrubs and flowers.

Your dreams, plus our experience and expertise, equals the formula for a breathtaking landscape.

Sod - If you have no lawn in a new development or you wish to replace dead or unsightly lawns, Nothing creates an instant transformation of your yard more than freshly laid sod.

Our experts will evaluate the area needing sod installation and make exact measurements so there is no waste. We will deliver & install your sod (usually in one day except for extremely large areas).

We prepare the ground by laying fertilizer & nutrients the sod needs to grow. The sod is laid in such a manner as to facilitate a quick "melding" of the sod pieces into one contiguous lawn. Within a few weeks, it will look as if had always been the perfect lawn.

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